Membership Category

IFERP will be essential to the Global technical community and to Technical professionals everywhere, and be universally recognized for the contributions of technology and of technical professionals in improving global conditions.IFERP has more than 14,000 Professional Members and 18,000 Student Members from all over the world

Professional Membership

right-arrowAny persons possessing Master’s degree in the field of Engineering & Technology or Bachelor’s degree in the field of Engineering, Science & Technology can apply for the Professional membership of IFERP.

right-arrowThose working in the area of Engineering Research and Business, but not possessing the aforesaid qualifications can also apply for the membership.

right-arrowIFERP Professional members are engaged in various research and development activities and are playing a pioneer role to review the research papers and to make the technical events and conference successful.

Students Membership

right-arrowAll students members will be certified and provided with membership certificates.

right-arrowThose working in the area of Engineering Research and Business, but not possessing the aforesaid qualificatioIFERP encourages and supports students by appointing its members to provide necessary guidance to build and globalize their innovative ideas

right-arrowWith IFERP student membership one could avail a global contact with its professionals associated in the field of engineering and technology

right-arrowDiscounts for all IFERP events including International Conferences, Webinars, and Foreign Events, will be provided to members.

Institutional Member

right-arrowInstitutional Membership with IFERP offers engineering colleges, universities, & institutions exclusive opportunities for mutual collaboration that are aimed at working together towards academic advancement as well as research & development in diverse areas within the fields of engineering, science and technology.

right-arrowIFERP will provide world-class offerings and assistance in organizing high level International Conferences every year at the institution

right-arrowIFERP will support in initiating pioneering student’s chapter activities within their institutions.

Membership Benefits

  • IFERP membership delivers access to the industry's most essential technical information by organizing conferences, workshops, annual convention meeting and provides networking opportunities both locally and globally. Members have the ability to stay current in their chosen profession, connect with peers, and invest in their future.

  • IFERP provides a broad-based home for members and societies who are interested in aspects of the Engineering, Science & Technology together with companies, government organizations, Professional researchers, Scientist and university researchers.

Top Benefits of IFERP Membership

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Registered member in an elite group of professional engineers. Professional development - Training from engineering experts.

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Peer network - Sharing ideas among members. Can be a Keynote Speaker of the conference organized by IFERP

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Can be a Session Chair or Chairperson of the Conference organized by IFERP

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Can be an Organizing Committee member of the conference organized by IFERP.

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Can be an Editorial board member, Reviewer, Advisory Committee Member to maintain the quality control of research articles since IFERP receives very high numbers of articles.

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Can be a visiting professor to our collaborated universities. IFERP support to conduct workshops for your area of research.

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Designation such as Honorary Fellow of IFERP, FIFERP, MIFERP can be used. “Disocunt upto 10% on registration fees for the Conferences and events organized by IFERP”.

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Can publish your research and investigation results in journals or present them at the various meetings of IFERP. Can receive a discount for Publishing and Subscribing to any journals associated with IFERP.

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Exclusive networking opportunities, with access to the IFERP Membership Directory, IFERP LinkedIn group, and IFERP Connections etc.

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Eligibility to volunteer, join IFERP Committees and vote in IFERP elections*. Benefits vary by membership category

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